Apartments, Condominium and Home Owner Associations 

Cp Painting Inc specializes in Condominium and Homeowner Associations all throughout New Jersey. With our staff of 30+ employees no job is too big. Our goal is to establish a cordial relationship with your community that'll last years. 

Cp Painting is substantially broad in scope and ability. Our operational systems assure you get the right manpower on your job when you need them: day, night, weekends, holidays, even tomorrow morning when an emergency arises. 


Cp Painting specializes in Premium Interior and Exterior painting and staining for Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects. We are capable of completing many things on your home or properties to-do list.

Power Wash Cleaning and Bleaching
The technique we use is more of a hand washing and power rinsing, as scouring your home with high pressure is now illegal due to new lead regulations. Washing your exterior project is an important step prior to painting, as well as scheduled maintenance washings every 2-3 years. Doing this helps cut down on salts and debris, which increases the life of your paint job, and allows us to discover and remedy any issues on problematic areas.

Pro Preparation
With 35 years of experience under our belt, we are able to apply techniques that enable us to prepare your project to a communicated quality level. We are focused on curtailing your needs and conscience of varying objectives of our clients.

EPA Certified Renovator 
We practice lead safe techniques overseen by an in house EPA certified renovator, in compliance with the new required certifications.

Knowledge of Products
This is a necessity for the appropriate product for your project. Whether it’s a cost minded, quality based, or manufacturer specific decision, we are here to assist you with your needs. Not to be understated are environmentally friendly options, like low and no VOC paints (Volatile Organic Components).

Application Methods 
Having the knowledge and experience coupled with a commitment to education of new products, enables us to apply finished products appropriately. This is essential for the best results possible.

Cp Painting can repair or replace wood, trim, stucco, sheetrock, as well as numerous amounts of other handyman type repairs. This helps us provide you with a one stop shop for your project.